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Why Omega Herbal Products?

Omega Herbal Products is a company birthed for the sole purposes of providing for our loved ones, and funding our Humanitarian efforts around the world. In 1992 we moved from Africa to England and then to America in search of the perfect business that would represent everything our family stands for. This business needed to help people lead healthier, happier lives, and provide us with unlimited resources to help others less fortunate than us. Our goal was to further our mission, and leave a legacy that will change the way people do business. It took much longer than expected, but in 2009 Omega Herbal products was born.

We form partnerships with companies and individuals who strive towards the same goal as us; to use our wealth to invest in a cleaner, safer world for the future of humanity. Our interests are in clean food, purified and re-mineralized water, free energy, and a lifestyle that promotes a healthy body and spirit.

It is our belief that every human being on this planet has the potential to do great things. Our mission, is to see that potential realized.

What are Omega Herbal Products?

Omega Herbal Products are products that our family uses on a daily basis. Some we have made with plants that have certain active components, and others are products we have come across on our travels to distant lands that we felt compelled to share with the world.

Omega herbal Products are always Natural, never genetically modified, never tested on animals, and our ingredients are never treated with chemicals and pesticides. Our products are all Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Fat Free and Chemical Preservative Free.

All of our products contain the living energy of the plants we used to make them, that’s why they work so well, and that’s why our family uses them. We are working faithfully to replace as many chemical products as we can with cost effective, all natural alternatives; because like you, we value the well being of our family.

From our kitchen, to your table, with Love!

Omega Herbal 48

Omega Herbal 48: An Alkaline Functional Beverage containing Himalayan minerals, Culinary Herbs and Spices and a natural food grade emulsion that keeps everything in perfect suspension allowing for maximum delivery to every hungry cell in your body.

Omega Herbal 35

Omega Herbal 35 External: A product that soothes skin with pressed plant oils like Coconut, Oregano and Neem.

Omega Herbal 15

Omega 15 Face & Body Wash: A deep penetrating micro emulsion that cleans away dirt and grime but blesses your skin with oils like Coconut, Neem Cinnamon and the amazing Jojoba oil, the closest plant oil to your skins natural oil.

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